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Rich in history -
The current building was built with the 19eme century with eight rooms on the floor.
In the heart of Montérégie -

Montérégie is a vast territory of more than 10 000 km2 where dominates hills and valleys. The area owes its name, since December 5, 1985, with the specificity which gets to him the hills montérégiennes on its territory.
 Advantageously located at the south of the Island of Montreal, halfway between the towns of Quebec and Ottawa, Montérégie is characterized by its tourist diversity where culture, agriculture and inheritance merge. Witness of a last rich person historical, proud of his innovations and filled with richnesses of the soil, Montérégie invites you to a escapade filled of discoveries!

Witness of the past
Montérégie name owes its origin with the hills which emergent of the plain and which are called "montérégiennes". The Saint-Hilaire mountain, the Rougemont, the Yamaska, the Saint-Grégoire, Saint-Bruno and Rigaud form an imaginary line between the Island of Montreal and the Appalachian Mountains.

Bordered of lakes and rivers, Montérégie has a significant hydrographic network which was the privileged witness several historical battles. The Richelieu river, which crosses Montérégie of north to the south, was used formerly as inland waterway for the trade before seeing building on its banks of the fortifications which were used to defend the population of the military attacks. Benefit from one of many cruisings to appreciate calms it rivers and to discover the fauna and the flora of the marshes of the sector of the lake Saint-Pierre and many islands of the area.

Montérégie is the third area in importance in Quebec for the number of historic sites, museums and centers of interpretation. Come to visit the various patrimonial sites of the area and come to discover the essence of the history from the Canadian inheritance: indigenous presence with the wars of conquest of News-France, recent industrial history of Quebec until the Battle of the Patriots.

Leave to the meeting places where several famous characters lived and marked the history of Canada: Samuel de Champlain, Sir George Étienne Cartier, heroin Madeleine de Verchères, the brother Andre (founder of theSaint-Joseph Oratory), Honore Draper, Louis Cyr, Paul-Emile Borduas, Jordi Bonet, Ozias Leduc and well of others.