The first Mon Repos -
The current building was built at the end of last century, with eight rooms on the floor.
The Despelteau family holds also a trade of grains and exploits a restaurant to with it. The customers are composed travellers and drivers of horses which draw the barges on the channel between Midsummer's Day and Chambly. Behind the principal building, the stable shelters to six horses; one can still see the fall for the hay in what is at present a hangar.
The Inn  -
In 1929, Arthur Despelteau becomes agent of ' ' Frontenac Bleu '', first French-speaking brewery of Quebec, the Frontenac brewery, launched in 1911 per Louis Beaubien and bought by National Breweries which will become O' keefe then Molson, i.e. it makes the wholesale and detail of this very popular beer. In accordance with the law on the trade of alcohol, it obtains Commission of Liquors of Quebec, a licence of inn.

It makes paint beautiful grosses blue letters of style victorien to the pediment of the building.

In July 1947, following the death of Mr. Arthur Despelteau , the succession sells to it My Rest to Louis-Philippe Brassard who yields it in his turn, in September 1948, in Paul Guertin . Jean Charbonneau acquires in December 1951 of it.

The Tavern -
In 1953,  ' the village of Chambly-Basin ' becomes the town of Chambly. According to the law, it My Rest is from now on a Tavern, thus losing the right to sell another thing that beer. So today moderation has much better taste, at the time, it was the tolerance which had good taste. The tolerance was the mode or certain defended things were allowed or tolerated according to goodwill  ' Chief ' Maurice Duplessis. Thus in June 1957, ALbert Perron buys the tavern Mon Repos which thrives while selling completely illegally, but openly spirits.
The economic boom of after war largely supports the pleasure sailing on Richelieu. All a merry band of yachtmen attends to it Mon Repos. In May 1958, after the first nautical excursion of the season, Mr. Marcel Charbonneau called to his wife that they went directly ' ' on their premises '' and they entered immediately at the Mon Repos. It was his way of saying that it had bought the place.
The hôtel and the motel -
1960 In Quebec, the Liberals seize the power and do the housework. Finished the mode of the tolerance. It is the catastrophe for all the holders of licence of tavern whose sales turnover is based on the sale of spirits. To avoid the bankruptcy, it is necessary to hold a licence of hotel what wants to say to have at least 20 rooms.
In spite of the recent restorations of the tavern, I thus engage in the construction industry of the motel in September 1963 in preparation for the great need of lodging caused by ' the World Fair of Montréal' or Expo ' 67. The first room rents on May 13, 1964. One had just given again in Chambly his only place of lodging.

Today, the bar -
The years 1970 brings the law which abolishes the taverns and which creates the breweries. This same law transforms the Mon Repos into bar. Note that the women had always had access there.
Since February 1983, Mr. François Dandurand becomes the owner about it. Untiring worker during more than one decade, its initiatives gave the place to the style of the day, thus renouvellant the customers. But that you are new or a former customer of the Mon Repos, you divide with all people who have attended for almost a century, the taste to communicate and to amuse you between friends. After a well deserved retirement, this one passed the torch to his son, Mr. Marc Dandurand .
This one, having inherited genes of its governor, continuous always to improve the installations while jealously preserving the typical seal which contributed to make the Mon Repos, a cordial and accessible place.

New buildings were built creating a new surface of reception for the customers as well as a conference room.
Despite all these improvements, the Mon Repos remains a place of reception where it is good to gather around a ' gross bière' and to make sure that the ground does not cease turning!