Hôtel Mon Repos -       When it was first built, it name was ' Hôtel Mon Repos '.The arrival of the car gradually makes disappear the trade from the hay and the lodging, with the profit of a new passion to be found around a good beer. At each time, the customers find themselves with the corner of the bar to discuss or exchange new strategies with the charts as with the elections. Many are the visitors who succumbed to the charms of the customers and her personnel. . The Frontenac beer

In 1929, Arthur Despelteau becomes agent of ' ' Frontenac Bleu '', first French-speaking brewery of Quebec, the Frontenac brewery, launched in 1911 per Louis Beaubien and bought by National Breweries which will become O' keefe then Molson, i.e. it makes the wholesale and detail of this very popular beer. In accordance with the law on the trade of alcohol, it obtains Commission of Liquors of Quebec, a license of inn. It makes paint beautiful grosses blue letters of style Victorian to the pediment of the building.


Despite everything these years, the place of meeting was modernized but this one knew to preserve its charm of the past and still remains for its customers, a place


of predilection to meet between parents and friends and to take part in the many activities which are regularly organized there.