The great area of the basin of Chambly abounds in activities during all the year.
In order to nothing miss, consult our section especially dedicated to our beautiful area!  

Calendar of the 2007 events in the area.
Les belles d'autrefois 
August 4 and 5  2007
With the Fort and the basin in background, the contest of elegance of Chambly which will be held August the 4 and 5 nearest appears undoubtedly among one of the most beautiful events of the kind in Quebec.
Cycle tracks -
With more than 3600 km of cycle ways which furrow the most beautiful areas of Quebec, the green Road puts to you on the good way for holidays with your taste. The course of the Handles with Lévis, Véloroute of the Cornflowers in the Lake-Saint-Jean, the track of the street Berri in Montreal or Estriade in the Cantons of the east... it is the green Road.

This cycle route - largest in North America - takes all kinds of forms: cycle track, indicated roadway, asphalted verges. Always marked out, the route, once finished, will count 4300 km.

see the trail map (*pdf format )

La Fête Bières & Saveurs
August 31 août to september 3th  2007

La Fête Bières et Saveurs is a pastoral festival of  inspiration News-France which wants to create the harmony of beer within a public market with the taste of the Québécois soil.